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Huston 2, Colorado 1

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Jun. 9th, 2007 | 09:09 am
mood: indescribable
posted by: madam_raven in colorado_rapids

Okay so at least the lineup was different. That's pretty much the only thing that was somewhat right in this game. And just to show what the lineup was:

It was something like that I think. Well anways, when the game began and I saw the lineup I was excited. but then the they blew the whistle and in the first 5 10 minutes the Rapids were playing like crap. This game was just plain horrible. They had only 2 or 5 minutes of good play and the rest was just shit.

I was happy when I saw Peterson was playing, but I think he failed to even show up. Then again I think he should of been in Casey's spot. Peterson is fast and knows how to shoot. He would have been a ton more useful up top then Casey. Casey is a better when it's a 4-4-2 and he has another guy with him. He really knows how to give passes that create goal scoring opportunities. If they ever play a 4-3-3 again, they should have Peterson up top then Cooke on outside mid.

Plus Perdauex looked like a five year old playing for awhile. And yes I know he's getting off an injury, but he has been playing in the reserve games. Like the one against the Galaxy reserves. He played really good and did deserve to start, but there is no excuse for the first 10 minutes of this game where he crapply played. Sure that sounds harsh, but I do think he made up for it when actually started playing.

Bouna, as always, did a good job, but he could of stopped that 2nd goal. But that 2nd goal's fault lies on Wingert who wasn't even near Holden when he made that shot, which by the way was beautiful. I don't like Wingert at all. I wish Vanney would get over his stupid sprang or strain, whatever the hell it is. Ugo looked alive in the last minutes of the second half. In the Tronoto game he wasn't even playing remotely good.

Oh and that shot Cancela or Gomez tried to give that bounced up off Huston's goal keepers hands. Where the fudge was Casey or Peterson? If someone would of been up there they could of pressured him. Someone should of been up there pushing anyways. If your team has possession of the ball and you are relatively close to the goal the outside mids or the striker should be pushing near the goal. That way you make the defense more spread out and you are there in case someone takes a shot and it rebounds off the goalies hands. Of course you should also make sure not to get offsides seeing as in that play Hustons defense was keeping us out of the 18. Ugh and watching the replay again I see that Casey and Peterson were just slightly walking by defenders. They should move in to that hug open spot by the ref and ask for a pass and get it out of that tight spot the mids were playing in.

Anyways I am done that's all I have to say. The Rapids have really been disappointing these last few weeks and I hope in their next away game they will win. Plus I hope I don't waste my money on June 23rd, their next home game, because I gave up buying a rare Venom CD so I would have money to see the next home game. If they lose I am going to find one of them and cuss them out then ask for 20 bucks so I can go get the new Mayhem CD.

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