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The Rapids VS. Chivas USA

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Jun. 15th, 2007 | 06:15 pm
posted by: madam_raven in colorado_rapids

The Rapids need to win this game. Right now they are third in the Western Conference, and at this rate they are probably not going to make it into playoffs. At least the reserves are doing better. Then again, they did win the "Reserve MLS Cup" last year so it is no surprise they are doing well.

Anyways, The Rapids are missing two of their best players; Beckerman, suspended one game because of accumulated yellow cards that turned into a red card, and Pablo who is on National duty. I think we can win this game because Chivas is also missing a lot of key players due to National duty and injuries. But then again Huston and Toronto were missing some key players and The Rapids lost to them. So we really can't say that they have an advantage because Chivas are in the same boat as Huston and Toronto were. But you never know, maybe by some weird twist of worldly fate The Rapids will get touched by the magic soccer Leprechaun on the plane to Home Depot Park and they will not be affected by missing two key players.......... HA! Yeah right.

All that dodo aside, I am hopping for a lineup like this:


Yes, I'm quite aware that this will never happen, but one can always dream. I really like Keel and I think he would be a hell of a lot better on Left Back then Wingert, who if anything should be Left Back....... left back in the locker room. I also really like how well Cummings played in the last reserves game against the Galaxy. And I really think Clavijo needs to put Jacob up top not on the outside. Jacob has speed, use it to your advantage by putting him up top. In the last two games Jacob played outside mid, more like played with himself mainly because you can tell he doesn't like that position. When I saw him in the Open Cup game against Real Salt Lake he was playing Striker and he looked like that was where he wanted to be. He scored two wonderful goals and made a lot of wonderful plays; you could tell he wanted to be there. When he's on outside mid he isn't in the game, he pretty much just plays with himself while the game is going on.

Ugh!!!! I just don't know what else to say. When I saw the first game I really thought the Rapids were going to do a ton of a hell a lot better this year. But these last two games and all the stupid ties I keep seeing. I am starting to lose hope in this year. I hope that they will prove me wrong. They will prove that those two losses and all those ties were just a stupid phase. I do know that I'm going to stop having such high hopes for this season. That way I won't be let down so much when they fucking fail.

The game is @ 8:30 P.M. on Altitude, I hope my aunt will let me watch it at her house, but I'm not getting my hopes up. I wish my Dad would just get Cable but I should know better, we just don't have that kind of money, so mooching off my aunt is the way to go, Oi Vey!!!

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